What we pay for Silver

Sterling Silver

What we pay for Platinum

Purity Pennyweights Grams
900 Platinum
950 Platinum

Silver price per ounce

Silver takes many forms

One of the most common form of silver is Sterling Silver(92.5% Pure). Above you can see what we payout for such silver. However, that price should be viewed as a sort of benchmark. In our experience most silver pieces misrepresent the silver content and as such we smelt & assay them to get an accurate purity reading before we buy. In very rare cases we would accept silverware without smelting.

Platinum Price Per Gram

Value of Platinum

Platinum embodies the quintessential meaning of a precious metal as one of the rarest metals in the earth’s crust. Its versatility can also be found in medical and dental fields. Since platinum alloy is highly resistant to tarnish and corrosion, it is one of top choice for use in dentistry, medical equipments and electrical products.