About Alex Gold & Diamonds

Where can you find gold

Google answers that question over 40 times a day with a list of websites.

If you've found yourself here after a similar search, this page should answer most of your questions about us.

Alex gold & Diamonds is a family owned and run business since 2001. The two brothers that run it, Mark and Arthur, have been dealing in precious metals and stones for over 15 years. We hope to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients, old and new, and continue to grow. If you require Gold or Silver bullion, we can supply you.

Where to sell gold

Check our payout page for current payouts.

Most of our clients are other businesses as we primarily engage in Business to Business transactions. In the past, however, we have done business with the general public(Business to Consumer) and will occasionally buy from and sell to general public. If you do not own a business dealing with precious metals and would like to either buy or sell to us, we strongly encourage you to contact us before heading out the door. It might save you the trip to our location.

Gold Smelting Process

Our preferred method of buying scrap gold and other precious metals is to Smelt & Assay them.

Following is a very short summary of this process. All of these steps are performed right in front of you so you can keep an eye on your metals until your get payed.

Step 1

Your scrap gold(or other forms of other precious metals) is placed in a graphite crucible that will be heated in excess of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Once heated to such temperates, gold does not stick to graphite and flows easily

Step 2

Borax(sodium tetraborate) is used to cover the gold in the crucible. It used as a flux in metallurgy and helps separate dirt, stones and other non-metals from gold by trapping it within itself.

Step 3

It takes, on average, 15-20 minutes for the furnace to heat up and melt the gold inside the crucible. At this point the gold is stirred thoroughly to produce a homogeneous mixture. This step is very important and if not done, repeated sampling and assaying of the bar will yield different results.

Step 4

Depending on the size of your lot this step may or may not be done. In order to attain the best possible representative sample of the bar, a vacuum glass tube is inserted into the molted gold. Part of the sample tube melts while inserted into the gold which, due to vacuum, allows the gold to fill the tube completely. This sample is then cooled down and used in assays to test the purity of the gold.

Step 5

At this point the melt is complete and the content of the crucible are poured into a mold to form an ingot. The flux(borax) will float on top of the metals and trap any dirt, stones and small pieces of non precious metals within itself. The ingot is then cleaned of the flux and is ready to be assayed.

Step 6

The assay is done using either the pin sample taken during the melt or the bar is drilled to obtain a sample to assay. We offer you a choice of doing computerized assay or fire assay. Computerized assay is the fastest, taking only a few minutes. Fire assay is the most precise but takes about a day on average. We can preform both types as assays per your request.